Zoodle was a feline member of Kate's household during the late Seventies and Eighties. With fellow cat Pyewacket, he was the subject of a comic strip Kate drew for the Kate Bush Club Newsletter.

Kate about Zoodle

Paddy says that Zoodle is a German word for snoot, and I got the name from him. (1979, KBC 3)

Zoodle and Pye are - I think you call them ``moggies'' One is black with one little white toe and the other one is black and white. (1980, KBC 5)

I used to have two cats. Zoodle and Pyewackit, but I'm afraid that Zoodle died earlier this year. I was very upset, but she was eleven and had a good life. She was a beautiful cat. (1987, KBC 21)