Live In Europe 79 & 80 [2LP]

Unofficial album, released by Reformation. Very poor quality sound recording, sounds as if cut from a cassette tape recording. Comes in thick plain white generic sleeve with black and white photocopied sheet of paper inserted between plastic shrinkwrap and the actual heavy cardboard sleeve.

Track listing

The album features the following tracks:

  1. Moving
  2. Them Heavy People
  3. Violin
  4. Strange Phenomena
  5. Hammer Horror
  6. Don't Push Your Foot
  7. Wow
  8. Feel It
  9. Kite
  10. James & the Cold Gun
  11. England My Lionheart
  12. Wuthering Heights
  13. Violin
  14. Symphony In Blue
  15. Angel Gabriel
  16. Here Comes The Flood
  17. Ran Tan Waltz
  18. December Will Be Magic
  19. The Wedding List
  20. Another Day
  21. Egypt
  22. Child In His Eyes
  23. Don't Push Your Foot On Your Heartbrake

Tracks 13 - 23 taken from the Kate Christmas Special.


'Live In Europe 79 & 80' was released as a double LP only.