Fish People

Record label run by Kate Bush since 2011. It is not known why she chose this name.

The label's first release was Director's Cut (FPCD001 and FPLP001 in the UK), quickly followed by re-releases of The Dreaming (FPCD002), Hounds Of Love (FPCD003), The Sensual World (FPCD004), The Red Shoes (FPCD005) and Aerial (FPCD006). Later in 2011, Fish People released 50 Words For Snow (FPCD007 and FPLP007).

In 2012, Fish People released a 10" vinyl picture disc of Lake Tahoe for Record Store Day. The next year, a 10" vinyl picture disc of Running Up That Hill 2012 Remix was released.

In 2016, Fish People released the live album Before The Dawn. In 2018, the box sets called Remastered followed.

Kate Bush about Fish People

Why not? I thought it was a bit of fun. What's great is the reaction from some people. When I first suggested it I think a lot of people weren't sure if I was being serious, which I think is exactly the sort of reaction you want, really, isn't it? (...) I just thought it was a bit of fun, rather than a very lofty or serious name. (Interview with Ken Bruce, BBC Radio 2, 9 May 2011)