About this site

Kate Bush Encyclopedia launched on 2 November 2014 (on the day of release of Suspended In Gaffa 32 years previous) as a new resource for Kate Bush fans who want a quick reference on Kate's songs, albums, and people she's worked with throughout her career. Certainly at first, the encyclopedia draws heavily from the website www.gaffa.org, which is still the biggest and best resource at this time. I'm hoping to bring together all the information in themed articles, making it easier for fans to find everything in one place.

At this time, Kate Bush Encyclopedia is far from complete. There is so much still to add. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. Please send us a message via Twitter or the Facebook page.

This website is meant as a tribute to Kate Bush and is a completely non-profit endeavour. I also don't subscribe to pop-ups, AdSense or any other money making sources. I gain absolutely nothing from doing this. Lastly, I am not connected to or affiliated with Kate Bush, EMI Records, Noble & Brite or Fish People in any official or non-official capacity. I have used a lot of information and photography from various sources. If you feel your copyright has been infringed, please contact me and the problem will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Marcel Rijs