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Feel It

Kate Bush performing 'Feel It' at Hammersmith Odeon, 1979

Song written by Kate Bush. Three voice and piano tracks were recorded on one day for Kate's debut album The Kick Inside, of which only 'Feel It' made it onto the final selection.


There are two officially released versions of 'Kite': the album version and the live version from Hammersmith Odeon. However, a demo version from 1977 has also surfaced and was released on various bootleg cd's.

Cover versions

'Feel it' was covered by Kat Devlin, Gabriela Kulka, Paul Oscar and Alisa Wolfe.

Kate about 'Feel It'

A song about a woman who is looking forward to enjoying a relationship with a man she has not yet explored. (Music Talk, 1978)

  • Graeme Thomson, Under the Ivy: the Life & Music of Kate Bush. ISBN 9781780381466

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